Cancer Ribbon


If you are in the Tewksbury, MA area and enjoy jewelry design, please consider joining me and some friends for a project that I hope will touch the hearts of some women at a very challenging time in their lives.  We will be designing earrings to coordinate with head scarves. These sets will be given out to women experiencing hair loss during their cancer treatment. I will provide the scarves. You can bring your tools, your passion for design or just a little laughter while we work. Please send an email if you are interested and I will give you the date and time of our next get together.

These sets will be given to anyone who visits this page and sends a request.  Along with each gift will be a card letting them know which loving friend it was who thought of them and wanted to send this gift of compassion.


My Motivation

During most of the 90's I worked in cancer research and managed the data for an advanced colon cancer study.  I remember being surprised and amazed that women would suffer through severe gastrointestinal side effects of their therapy, but as soon as they started to lose their hair, many would want to stop treatment − treatment that could save or extend their lives.  It made real for me just how devastating hair loss can be for a woman − almost as devastating as the disease itself.  That realization has always stuck with me.

Several summers later, I started designing jewelry to coordinate with my scarves as a way to keep busy while watching my kids and their friends by the pool.  After creating a necklace to coordinate with all of my favorite outfits, I discovered how much I loved the process and didn't want to stop.  So I got to thinking...

I began making earrings to compliment head scarves that could be given to women losing their hair from chemotherapy - thereby combining my passion for design with an attempt to lift the spirits of women going through a very difficult time - and so this venture, Wear It Well, was born.  My only regret is that I waited until two friends were diagnosed with breast cancer to make the dream a reality.  As the saying goes, though, 'better late than never' and since this mission needs to be funded with some sales, I now have a great excuse to continue creating!

If you have a friend, wife, mother, daughter, coworker, aunt, neighbor… going through this challenge, and you think she might enjoy this gift, please request a set and provide for me the recipient’s name and address and a scarf set will be sent. 

If you are a patient, please accept this gift and let it remind you when you wear it of the compassion with which it was given.

Thank you to my friends, Judy and Karen.  Judy, your positive attitude is one of the things I love about you!  Karen, the grace you have shown while going through this is amazing (pun intended!).

*** Mission Update ***

If, for any reason, a scarf & earring set does not seem appropriate for her...maybe her treatment does not involve hair loss, or perhaps she has a wig that she really loves, I also have inspirational and faith-based bracelets that can be sent as part of this Wear It Well mission.  Simply click on 'Request a Set' and include the item number for the bracelet that you would like me to send.  Thank you!

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