About the colors

The colors in the pictures on your monitor may not exactly match the colors in the products when you receive them.  Every computer monitor is different and will therefore show colors differently.  I have given detailed color descriptions in order to help you make a perfect selection.

About the length

Because the neck on the display manequin is smaller than life size, the necklaces will hang to a different length than pictured.  In some instances, your piece may hang longer than pictured because I have pulled the necklace back in order to capture the best view of the focal beads or pendant for the photo.  For these reasons, it is important to pay close attention to the length given in each necklace description.  I measure clasp to clasp (beads only) and measure the length of the pendant separately.

About the photos

Much of the beauty of the beads and scarves is lost due to my (lack of) photographic skills.  The pictures simply do not do justice to these pieces.  Suffice to say that if you are pleased with the look of an item on the screen, you should be pleasantly surprised when it arrives in your home. 

Item #79 - Scarflace

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This scarf has a very unique combination of colors which starts with a shade that is something between a light brown and an olive green with small white flowers. Add to that large flowers in teal, chartreuse and periwinkle and you've got a combination that you might not expect to look so good together.

The jeweled piece starts with an acrylic flat oval with swirls of colors from light-brown to olive green, similar to the main scarf color. Hanging separately from that is a beautiful, fully-faceted, deep teal glass round topped with a small periwinkle round. A bicone crystal in chartreuse on either side of these finishes it off beautifully.

I've included over 30" of white ribbon that can be used to hold the pendant if you want to wear the scarf and jewelry piece separately.

Price: $24.00

*Items are one of a kind. You will only be able to purchase one of each piece.

*Don't like ordering online? We do have alternate payment options that can be worked out with me through email.